Ras el Hanout - traditional Moroccan spice mix

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Ras el Hanout is a traditional Moroccan spice blend.

Ras el Hanout is the best Moroccan spice mix for couscous. It tastes intensely spicy, warm, tangy & flowery. In our online spice store, you can buy Ras el hanout in containers from 50 gr to 1 kg.

What is Ras el Hanout?

Ras el hanout is an excitingly aromatic and ultimately exotic, Moroccan spice blend from the north of Africa and seems to be Morocco's culinary answer to the Indian curry. Try them out if you want to cook Moroccan. Raz el Hanout is precisely the right spice mix for you.

The name Ras el Hanout means the top of the country and is, therefore, the best blend of spices in oriental cuisine. It is very complex, with many different flavors. This recipe came from Morocco, and a spice master created it. Our mix consists of turmeric, coriander powder, allspice, cassia cinnamon powder, chilies, pepper, cardamom ground, ginger, cumin, fennel, nutmeg, star anise, orange peel, fenugreek and bay leaves. It is intensely spicy, warm, lively, and floral. It also has a captivating perfume and develops a mildly spicy - spicy, floral aroma.

The Moroccan spice blend smells seductive.

The Moroccan spice blend, none is like the other. If you open ours, its fantastic scent rises in your nose, and it transports you into another world. Sunset, pleasant warmth, the hustle and bustle on the street, people talk in confusion, honking mopeds, they are in a colorful market in Marrakech. We invite you to try it. This pleasant sweet scent of cloves, the warm woody scent of cinnamon, and the intense aroma of cumin you taste on your tongue. This mixture is a real seduction.

Speaking of seduction, I've heard of a couple of meeting for dinner for the first time. The Gentleman prepared a couscous for your first date with our Moroccan spice mix. And what can I say, love goes through the stomach because today they are happily married.

Recipe vegetable couscous for Ras el Hanout

What is Ras el hanout spice used for?

Ras el Hanout is not used in Morocco for everyday cooking, but only for special occasions. This spice blend is also something extraordinary, and they use it for couscous or tajines. But it also goes well with legumes.

This ultimate mixture goes with all couscous variations, whether with lamb, chicken or vegan, or vegetarian. Follow the link to a delicious vegetable couscous. Try it with Moroccan chicken and sweet potatoes. You can also try it in your lentil soup or on grilled fish.

What is ras el hanout made of?

Ingredients: turmeric, coriander, allspice, cinnamon, chilies, pepper, cardamom, ginger, cumin, fennel, nutmeg, star anise ground, orange peel, fenugreek ground and bay leaves.

Allergens: May contain traces of celery and mustard.

Storage: dark, airtight, dry, and cold (15 ° C).

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