Coriander ground, oriental spice

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Coriander ground - spicy oriental

  • Coriander ground spicy oriental tastes slightly peppery & sweet
  • Refined fish, rice, fruit & bread.


How does coriander ground taste?

Coriander ground tastes slightly peppery & sweet after an orange peel. It also smells of a mixture of lemon, musk, and flowers.

Culinary use of coriander ground

The fine coriander powder is suitable for baking both Christmas pastries and loaves of bread. His musk-like and lemon-like perfume are excellent for the preparation of seafood, fish, and rice. Or put it on fresh pineapples or oranges for an oriental aroma. This spice also refines a pepper marinade for fish or meat.

Ground coriander seeds also flavor the traditional guacamole and hummus. Instead, try the spice in a tomato, pumpkin, or carrot soup.

Which herbs & spices can I combine with coriander?

Coriander is very compatible with other herbs and spices. It develops a great harmony with anise,  pepper, garlic, Ceylon cinnamon ground, onion, basil, savory,  Sumac, Fennel, ginger, caraway, garlic, mace ground, allspice, cloves, cassia cinnamon ground, chili, allspice, nutmeg.

Extra tip

Coriander powder is a quintessential spice of Indian and Oriental cuisine. Mainly the Indian cuisine uses it in various spice mixtures. For example, it is an ingredient of Garam Masala, curry powder of diverse origins. 

It is also present in many other ethical spice blends like Ras el Hanout, Tabil, African Rub, Baharat, Berbere, Carioca, Colorado, in many curry blends, and Masala.

What does the coriander plant look like?

The coriander plant is lean. Also, it is one year old and has a growth height of up to 1 m. Furthermore, they can be described as herbaceous with branched stems and feather-part leaves. The leaves are similar to those of parsley. During flowering, it carries whitish to delicate pink shimmering flower domes. The coriander seeds are spherical, light brown fissile fruits with a size between 2-5 mm.

Origin & a little excursion into history

The coriander is originally from the eastern Mediterranean and was already known and very popular with the Egyptians. By the way, it was found during excavations in the graves of some pharaohs.

The Greeks and Romans valued it as a spice, an additive in winemaking, and a cure for multiple diseases. They also believed in its good effect, particularly stimulating appetite and digestion.

Its botanical name is Coriandrum sativum. In old literature, you find the name bedbug herb for the coriander leaves and vertigo grains or wedding beads for the coriander seeds.

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