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Cloves ground - delicious & intense spice

  • ground cloves refine compote
  • pickled fruits, sour roast, wild ragouts
  • Red cabbage, Sauerkraut
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What are cloves ground - Syzygium aromaticum?

Cloves ground is the dried and ground flower bud of the clove tree. They are also called nails, which is because they look like small nails. By the way, their Latin name is Caryophylli Salique.

The tree is an evergreen and has its origin in the Moluccas, where it grows up to 12 m high and has light-like leaves. Besides, it blooms twice a year, and its flowers are red-white.

How do cloves taste ground?

Ground cloves have an intense aroma, which is fruity, bitter, and hot. Their intense aroma is due to the high proportion of essential oils (15-20%), which is aroma-giving. Eugenol is particularly noteworthy here; this natural oil, you even find in Cassia cinnamon, is used by the food industry to produce vanillin.

Cloves can be a remedy when you have a toothache or an inflammation in your mouth. That is also due to its containing eugenol, which acts as numbing on a painful tooth.

Culinary use of ground carnations

Cloves refine various popular dishes of German cuisine. Just think of Kassler roasts, sour roasts, or roast pork in beer sauce. Besides, we flavor our world-famous sauerkraut and red cabbage with this delicate spice.

Also, they are used in many well-known spice mixtures, especially in curry powder, Chinese five-spice powder, or our Tyrolean mulled wine spice.

They refine poultry, meat, fish, and game when cooking in liquids. Also, they are particularly well suited to flavor apples and other pickled fruit varieties. They refine sauces (beer sauce), puddings, cakes, and especially Christmas pastries.

Extra tip:

Please remember that cloves are very intense spices, and avoid using too much of them in your food; use them sparingly.

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