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Basque Chili , Ustaritz, France,

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Basque Chili , Ustaritz, France, 

Basque Chili - the French gourmet chili

Basque Chili is produced in the French Basque Country in the village named Ustaritz in Aquitaine. Basque Chili is a delicate French chili and very popular with gourmets around the world. Basque Chili has a distinctive aroma of fruity tomato with a beautiful sharpness, which is to settle on scale of 1-10 at 3 a sharpness.

Basque Chili is from the chili species Capsicum annuum var. Gorria won. This delicious chili variety is cultivated since the year 1650 in the French Basque country. It is a bright red chili pepper which is 7-14 cm long and has a rounded tip. When dry, the chili turns dark red to red-brown. This excellent chili is called Ezpeletako Biperra in the Basque language.

Basque Chili: Its aroma

Basque Chili smells like dry hay and roasted ripe tomatoes and peppers. It has a wonderfully sweet and fruity taste with a slightly bitter note. In the end remains a slight sharpness in the mouth.

Basque Chili in the kitchen

This excellent Basque Chili is suitable not only for appetizers and main dishes, it is suitable for all the dishes where you like to add a fruity hot flavor.

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