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Maldon Salt - Sea Salt Flakes Buy Here Online from Europe's Spice Shop Orlandosidee® since 2005.

Maldon Salt, Gourmet Salt Flakes from England

Maldon Salt received the Royal Warrant in 2012 during its 130th anniversary. The Royal Warrant is the award of royal court suppliers in England. This warrant is awarded to the purveyors who have been supplying the Royal Family for at least 5 years and stands for excellent service, excellence and very good quality.

Its story

The Maldon Salt has been produced for over 136 years by a small family business, the Maldon Crystal Salt Company in Essex England. This company is already in its fourth generation operated by the Osborne family. The company itself was founded in 1882 under the name The Maldon Salt Company. Today it is the only traditionally producing salt company in the region.

The production

These salt flakes are made in a special process from seawater . First, the seawater is filtered and boiled to remove all impurities. When that happens, production begins. In a special process, the water is heated until it crystallizes. Sounds easy? But it is not, there is a lot of know how behind it. At the end, the salt is harvested by hand and packed.

Its taste

Its taste is unique and unmistakable. It is a pure salt flavor without bitter notes. It has a fine, soft and crispy texture which together make it so memorable. It refines your food and raises the inherent taste of the ingredients with a freshness. It is loved all over the world. Not only by star chefs, private customers but also by the majesty of the Queen of England.

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