Dill Seeds - Anethum graveolens

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  • Description

  • Dill seeds have a delicate anise aroma.
  • They remind of sweet cumin.
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
  • Seasons vegetables like spinach, cabbage, carrots, beets.
  • Perfect for legumes like chickpeas and lentils.

What are dill seeds?

Dill Seeds are the fruit of the plant Anethum graveolens. They are greenish-brown and have an oval shape. They are somewhat, flat and their surface is grooved. The dill grows in the Mediterranean area and has been used since antiquity there. The two main producers for dill seeds are India and North Africa. In India, Dill fruits are called Sowa.

Dill has several names in the German language, which are as follows: cucumber crows, dill, jill, caper weed, cucumber herb, or even expanded herb. Some of them sound a bit weird, and from others, you can also derive effects. The Indian dill is mainly grown for its seeds.

How do the cucumber herb and its seeds look like?

Cucumber herb is a one-year-old plant with a height of up to 1.20 m. Their stems grow upright, are branched and round. They have airy leaves and a yellow flower dome. Their cucumber seed seeds are greenish-brown and have an oval shape. Furthermore, they are slightly flat and have a grooved surface.

How do dill seeds taste?

The taste of dill seeds are similar to the sweet cumin and have a delicate anise flavor. You can flavor vinegar with them or a cucumber.

Culinary use

It is a typical spice for vegetables, especially cucumbers. You can also flavor vinegar with these small seeds. Just smash 2 tbsp and place in a mason jar with a dash of white wine vinegar. The glass should be stored in a cool & dark place for about 2 -3 weeks before you can use your homemade dill vinegar for salad dressings.

Cucumber herb seeds also season fish dishes. For example, you can mix them into a cream sauce and serve them with almost all types of fish. Or they season with you, tomato salads, mayonnaise, egg dishes such as scrambled eggs or omelet. But also vegetables such as cabbage, spinach, lentils, carrots, cucumbers or beetroot refine them with their great seasoning.

The Turkish cuisine flavors beans, rice, or zucchini with this powerful spice.

Dill also pairs well with chili, garlic, turmeric, yellow mustard, cumin, ginger, and coriander.

Effect and application in history

The Egyptians and Romans already knew the dill plant. They took it against nausea, stomach discomfort, diarrheas, and digestive problems.

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