French spices of French cuisine

French Spices

Here you will find a selection of our French spices, herbs and flowers that we offer. French cuisine uses many herbs

Lavendelblüten - Französische Blüten

French Chili Piment Basque, Ustaritz, France,

French Chili Piment Basque - Ustaritz, Basque Country

  • delicate French chilli
  • Sharpness level 3 of 10
  • smells of dry hay & ripe
  • tastes like roasted, fruity tomatoes & peppers.

Fleur de Sel Camargue - French Gourmet Sea Salt

Fleur de Sel Camargue - French Gourmet Salt

Fleur de Sel Camargue is a gourmet salt from France. Buy it here online in the Spice Shop Orlandosidee.


Fleur de Sel Guérande - Salt flowers

What makes Fleur de Sel Guérande special?

Fleur de Sel Guérande is a very well-known and popular sea salt among gourmets and star chefs. It is one of the most expensive and best spices in the world.


Tarragon leaves - Artemisia dracunculus - French herbs

Tarragon leaves - Buy Artemisia dracunculus

  • Tarragon leaves taste dried
  • delicately spicy, bittersweet & anise-like
  • typical culinary herb of French cuisine
  • Herbal sauces, herb butter, herb vinegar
  • Fricassee, minced meat, broth
  • Pasta, potatoes, egg dishes

Lavender - dried Flower - 1 A Blue

Lavender flowers, quality 1 A from France, blue Lavandula for cooking


Licorice root - Glycyrrhizin glabra

Licorice root peeled and cut.

  • Licorice root tastes sweet and spicy
  • refines broths, sauces, and stews

Saffron threads Sargol 1 A - ISO Norm 3632-2 Crocus sativus

Saffron threads 1 A coupé  Sargol- Crocus sativus

  • Saffron threads ISO Norm 3632-2
  • 1 A coupé Sargol
  • Saffron threads 125 gr -250 gr- 500 gr or 1 Kg Price per e-mail.
  • info(@)

Französische Gewürze, Kräuter, Blüten und Gewürzmischungen

Hier finden sie eine Auswahl unserer Französischen Gewürze, Kräuter und Blüten, die wir anbieten. Die französische Küche verwendet viele Kräuter