Japanese Spices

Japanische Gewürze für Sushi

Japanese Spices for the Japanese cuisine

The Japanese cuisine uses a lot of fish, vegetables, algae and low fat. Meat was forbidden for a long time as food.

The staple food of Japan is still rice today. Rice is consumed at almost every meal, even at breakfast, which seems a bit strange to us Europeans. The traditional Japanese cuisine uses few spices. But that also changes here.

The Japanese breakfast usually consists of a miso soup, tofu, fish, pickles, rice

Ground Ginger - Zingiber officinale

Ground Ginger

  • ground Ginger tastes spicy & peppery, with a lemon aroma
  • for broths, rice dishes, fish & poultry
  • Smoothies, Hot Drinks, Soups

Sesame Seeds - Sesamum indicum

White Sesame seeds -  Sesamum indicum -synonym Sesamum Orientale

  • White sesame seeds from India
  • light nutty flavor for international cuisine
  • salads, bread, bakery, stir fry

Black Sesame Seeds - oriental spice

Black Sesame - Black Sesame Seeds for sale

  • Black sesame has an aromatic nut flavor with a tart touch
  • ideal for oriental cuisine
  • for loaves, pita, flatbread

Japanese seven Spice, Shichimi Togarashi - Japanese Pepper

Japanese seven spice, Shichimi Togarashi

Japanese seven spice mixture Shichimi Togarashi is in Japan the universal spice mix, and it has a thousand-year-old culinary experience. It is deeply rooted in their domestic cuisine.

This spice blend is simply magical, with a unique complex aroma. Not necessarily very spicy, but as it is, with Japanese dishes and lifestyle, it brings your aroma bouquet to the point. Absolute perfection.


Wasabi Powder - Japanese Spice Blend

Wasabi powder, d'Hataka, Japan - buy Japanese spices in our online shop.

  • Wasabi powder is a typical hot Japanese spice blend
  • you may make a Wasabi paste with it or use as a spice blend
  • hot in taste typically used for raw fish
  • try in Salad dressing, in venegar for veggies