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Black Sesame - Black Sesame Seeds for sale

  • Black sesame has an aromatic nut flavor with a tart touch
  • ideal for oriental cuisine
  • for loaves, pita, flatbread

Black sesame seeds: the aroma

Black sesame and white sesame are the first plants that we cultivate for making oil of them. Due to their high oil content (50-60%), they are particularly suitable for this. The sesame oil is made from cold-pressed and roasted sesame seeds. Sesame oil is still used as cooking oil in Japanese cuisine.

What are Sesamum indicum seeds?

Sesame - Sesamum indicum is a nut and not a spice. However, different international kitchens use it as a condiment. You can see this in the recipes of different spice mixtures. Not only the Japanese Shichimi Togarashi, which is a seven-spice blend but also the Jordanian zaatar is made with sesame. Japanese cuisine also seasons your pasta dishes with roasted sesame mixed with salt.

Culinary use of black sesame seeds

Sesame grains develop their unique, nutty aroma when roasting without fat. They are often used as a condiment, as they can add an interesting flavor to the dishes. Particularly the black seeds refine in their special way bread such as Turkish flatbread, Indian naan bread, or crackers.

You may likewise use them to season smoothies, cereals, and also salads. It is rich in vegetable protein and is therefore often consumed by athletes and vegans. Sesame also contains unsaturated fatty acids, folic acid, and vitamin B.

Japanese and Chinese cuisine use black sesame seeds to top on rice, fish, or vegetables. I love to season my sushi bites with them for their nutty flavor.


The sesame plant belongs to one of the oldest cultivated plants. It is even the first to be planted for the production of cooking oil due to its properties.

The one-year-old and herbaceous plant has a height of 1.8 to 2 meters and carries pink to white thimble-like flowers. Their seeds I can describe as oval and flat and their color ranges from red to brown to black as well as white.

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