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  • Discover the aromatic nut flavor with a hint of tartness in our black sesame seeds
  • Perfect for enhancing oriental cuisine
  • Great for adding flavor to loaves, pita, flatbread, and more

Black Sesame Seeds: Unleashing Aroma

Black sesame seeds, alongside white sesame seeds, are renowned for their oil production. With their high oil content (50-60%), they are perfect for extracting oil. Cold-pressed and roasted, sesame oil is widely used in Japanese cuisine and continues to be a popular cooking oil.

Introducing Sesamum Indicum Seeds

Sesame seeds, scientifically known as Sesamum indicum, are classified as nuts rather than spices. However, they are widely utilized as a condiment in various international kitchens, featuring in popular spice blends such as Japanese Shichimi Togarashi and Jordanian zaatar. Roasted sesame mixed with salt is also commonly used to season pasta dishes in Japanese cuisine.

Culinary Delights with Black Sesame Seeds

Roasted black sesame seeds offer a unique and nutty aroma that can elevate your dishes. They are particularly valued for their ability to enhance bread, such as Turkish flatbread, Indian naan bread, and crackers. In addition to their culinary applications, black sesame seeds can be used to season smoothies, cereals, salads, and more. Rich in vegetable protein, they are popular among athletes and vegans. Sesame seeds also contain beneficial unsaturated fatty acids, folic acid, and vitamin B.

Japanese and Chinese cuisines often utilize black sesame seeds as a topping for rice, fish, and vegetables. The delightful nutty flavor of black sesame adds a special touch to sushi bites.

Botany of Sesame Seeds

Sesame is one of the oldest cultivated plants and holds significance in cooking oil production. This herbaceous plant reaches a height of 1.8 to 2 meters and boasts pink to white thimble-like flowers. The seeds themselves are oval and flat, ranging in color from red and brown to black and white.

Experience the premium quality of our black sesame seeds and enhance your culinary creations. Buy spices online at Orlandosidee® for a delightful cooking experience.

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