American spices

American spices for the American cuisine

America is a wonderful country, I have lived there for a few years and learned to love it. The American kitchen is versatile and interesting.

USA the land of unlimited possibilities

America, the land of unlimited opportunities. Everything is possible, not only in the professional world, but also in the kitchen. America is a land of immigrants who have brought all their original eating habits. So you can find as many different cooking styles as there are ethnicities in the US. Contrary to popular belief, there is also a very good upscale dining in America, especially in New York, Chicago and San Francisco.


BBQ Pepper Rub Amazonia - Barbecue blend

BBQ Pepper Rub Amazonas

  • BBQ pepper rub Amazonas aromatic & spicy
  • ideal for marinating fish and meat
  • Ribs, cutlets, sea bream, mackerel, sardines, trout
  • also goes well with grilled vegetables, halloumi
  • Herb curd dips & herb butter

Borneo Vanilla Pepper - delicate spice blend for steak

Borneo Vanilla Pepper - Exclusive Spice Mix

  • for steak, fish fillets, vegetable dishes
  • Sauces, soups, marinades, salads
  • Table spice & for BBQ

Brown Mustard seeds - Spice Information & Shop online

Brown Mustard seeds whole

  • brown Mustard seeds nutty & spicy
  • for insertion, cooking & marinating
  • Sausages, vegetables, pickles
  • BBQ Sauces, Sauces, Simmering Dishes
  • Shop online here

Cajun Spice Mix- Seasoning

Cajun Spice Mix

  • Cajun spice mix is an aromatic, spicy blend
  • for the popular southern cuisine of Louisiana.
  • Warm, hot flavors also suitable for BBQs
  • Chili con carne, chicken wings, beans with bacon

BBQ Seasoning Carioca - barbecue spice blend

BBQ Seasoning Carioca, Grill spices Rio de Janeiro

  • BBQ Seasoning Carioca is a complex grill spice mix
  • spicy spiciness from herbs & spices
  • equally for fish & meat
  • grilled vegetables, salad, pumpkin soup

Cayenne Pepper - Capsicum frutescens

Cayenne Pepper Capsicum frutescens

  • Cayenne pepper is fruity & fiery-sharp in taste
  • for grill sauces to BBQ
  • Seafood, Stews, Soups, Pizza, buy here online

Chili Strings, finely sliced Chillies from China,

Chili threads

  • finely sliced Chillies
  • mild Sharp aroma
  • For seasoning and decorative topping
  • Fish, crustaceans, salads, soups, hamburgers, desserts

BBQ Spice Rub Los Angeles - California Blend

BBQ Spice Rub Los Angeles - California Blend Barbecue Spice Mix

  • BBQ Spice Rub Los Angeles Barbecue spice mix with a sweet and spicy note
  • for ribs, pork shoulder or poultry
  • Grilled butter, curd dip, dressings
  • Buy spice blends & spices here.

Marco Polo - Pepper blend

Pepper Marco Polo - oriental spice mix

  • Pepper Marco Polo is an oriental pepper mixture
  • it tastes fruity, floral and spicy
  • ideal for the pepper mill
  • buy online here in the spices shop

Paella Valencia Spain

Paella spices, Paella Valencia, Spain

Paella Spices Buy our spice mix for paella here in the spice shop. Packaging sizes can be selected according to your needs from 50 gr - 1 kg.

Our paella spice for a Spanish paella is something outstanding. We know it only too well from our vacation in Spain. The paella itself is available in many different variations. Every region, yes, every family has its recipe with your favorite ingredients. It is a national dish, and when I think about it, my mouth is watering.


Mustard seeds - Sinapis alba

Mustard seeds yellow - Sinapis alba

  • Mustard seeds yellow for seasoning and mustard production
  • tastes aromatic & nutty
  • for preserving vegetables, sauces (mustard sauce), broths, meat dishes

Tonca beans - Dipteryc odorata - Brazil

Tonca beans - Dipteryc odorata - from Brazil

  • Tonca beans are similar in flavor to Vanilla
  • Vanilla Replacement
  • Mango sorbet, pistachio cream, cakes, ice cream
  • Tomato soup, game dishes, Creamy Brulée
  • other names Tonc bean, Tongo beans, Tonko beans

Cinnamon flower buds - Cinnamomum cassia

Cinnamon flower buds (dried) are the dried unripe fruits of the cassia cinnamon tree - cinnamomum cassia and they have a fine moschus flavor. Buy on-line Exquisite Spices


Cinnamon sticks Ceylon type 00000 - 10 cm long

Cinnamon sticks made of Ceylon type 00000 - 10 cm long - Buy on-line Exquisite Spices.


We always associate the US with hot dogs and hamburgers, but it's much more. There is the African American kitchen so called soul food with chicken wings with honey - mustard barbecue sauce, spareribs and cornbread. The California cuisine with influence of Asian and Mediterranean cuisine. It is much vegetables, fish and seafood eaten. Or the Cajun kitchen from Louisiana nicely spicy with different chili varieties. We offer you a very aromatic Cajun spice mixture in our assortment. The Mexican cuisine is represented in America, they also use chilli and cumin.

On the east coast where I was there were often great barbecues. It was wonderful social evenings with great steak, corn on the cob, great barbecue sauces, salads and much more. The Americans I met are just wonderful, lovable people with unspeakable optimism.

I love the American breakfast like pancakes with maple syrup (maple syrup), or fried eggs sunny side up with hash browns (fried eggs with fried grated potatoes).

Thanksgiving dinner was always something special. A feast of goodies. A delicious turkey roast, tender pink roast beef with fine spices, roast gravy, potatoes, sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie.

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