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Paella spices, Paella Valencia, Spain

Paella Spices Buy our spice mix for paella here in the spice shop. Packaging sizes can be selected according to your needs from 50 gr - 1 kg.

Our paella spice for a Spanish paella is something outstanding. We know it only too well from our vacation in Spain. The paella itself is available in many different variations. Every region, yes, every family has its recipe with your favorite ingredients. It is a national dish, and when I think about it, my mouth is watering.

What is Paella?

The traditional paella came from Valencia and was made a long time ago from chicken, frogs, and eel. Today, however, rabbits, poultry, or pork are used for these. But when I think of paella, I always think of one with fish and seafood, nice and light for warm summer evenings.

Orlandosidee offers you a very delicate spice mix, the paella spice Valencia, in your range. With this, you can easily make your paella creation at home. Our mixture is highly aromatic and is finely tuned to conjure up the perfect paella. Whether you prepare them with fish or meat, our blend goes perfectly with it.

For a royal fish paella, I recommend adding a pinch of saffron threads. You can also find saffron threads in our shop.

Preparation of a traditional Paellera

Traditional paella is made in a large pan of the "Paellera" and on a wooden grill. You can also make them on a standard stove or in the oven.

Ingredients of our Paella spices:

Our mixture is mixed from the following ingredients: onions, ground sweet peppers, turmeric, garlic ground, pepper, parsley, vegetable oil.


May contain traces of celery and mustard.

Storage of spices & herbs

Upon receipt, fill your spices and spice mixtures, preferably in jars with a screw cap. I recommend these as they can be sterilized in boiling water for a good 5 minutes and can be reused indefinitely. Please store the glasses protected from light, sealed airtight, cold, and dry.

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