BBQ Rub Los Angeles - California Blend

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Los Angeles - California Blend - Barbecue Seasoning here in our online spice shop

Los Angeles - California Blend - BBQ Rub BBQ Spice Blend

Los Angeles is a typical California spice blend with a sweet and spicy touch. Buy our delicious BBQ Rub and other spice blends here in our online spice Shop .

BBQ Rub Los Angeles- Californian spice mix for BBQ's

Los Angeles BBQ is a typical Californian blend with a sweet / spicy accent. We recommend it for barbecue meat, which is marinated raw with it.

Our blend, Los Angeles, is the classic American barbeque Rub in the coastal region that stretches all the way to California. Whether ribs, pork shoulder or poultry. This selected blend gives every meat the right taste. Come and order it now!

Simple recipe for stimulation:

Rub a large (2kg) pork neck with Los Angeles BBQ Rub and leave to marinate overnight in the refrigerator. Two hours before preparation, they take the meat out of the fridge. Then cook it at about 130 degrees in a smoker. You can also cook it in a normal oven. The meat is ready after 6 hours or when it reaches a core temperature of 90 ° C with this slow cooking method. It should then be wrapped for another hour in aluminum foil and rest. Then you can serve it with a delicious barbecue sauce. If you want to add more heat (personally I think that's superfluous because the mix already has a great taste) give some habanero into it.


Please keep in mind that spices must be stored in a dark, dry and cool place. They should also be protected from direct sunlight. I recommend for storage glass jars with screw cap closures. Glasses are easy to sterilize in boiling water and are environmentally friendly due to their reusability.

Ingredients: Paprika, chili, rosemary, onion, dill, thyme

May contain traces of mustard and celery.

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