Tsire - West African Spice mix, Seasoning for Kebab

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Tsire Spice African Spice Mix

  • Tsire spice spicy & sweetly spicy Africa
  • traditionally mixed with ground peanuts
  • creates a crispy crust on the meat

What is Tsire Spice?

Our Tsire spice blend is a finely ground spice mix of six sensational spices. I can describe this mixture as sweet and spicy, with the cinnamon providing the warm & sweet aroma and the cayenne providing the fruity and tangy contrast. Besides, cloves offer a fruity note, nutmeg for a little camphor, and ginger for an exquisite lemon component.

The taste of African cuisine

Africa is a vast continent and has a fascinating cuisine. Here they cook mainly with fresh ingredients and lots of spices. African dishes are spicy and very aromatic.

During my time in West Africa, I learned to appreciate African cuisine, and I especially love their spice blends. Tsire spice is such a typical West African spice mixture traditionally mixed with ground peanuts to season kebabs. The result is a delicate nutty - crispy crust on the meat - combined with the great aromas of this spice mixture.

Culinary use of Tsire spice

As mentioned before, this spice mixture is traditionally mixed with ground peanuts and then seasoned with kebab meat. It is also suitable for marinating grill meat. To do this, add one tsp tsire and four tablespoons of ground peanuts in four tablespoons of oil, and coat your chicken with it. Let it marinate for a few hours and then grill it.

Tsire also fits in braised dishes or dips for vegetable sticks. I like it on short-fried steak, which I cut into strips and then serve with salad in bread as a kebab with a yogurt dressing mixed with tsire tastes fresh, aromatic, spicy with the right spiciness.

Ingredients: cayenne, allspice, cinnamon cassia ground, ginger, nutmeg ground, cloves ground

Allergens: May contain traces of celery and mustard.


Please put your spice mixtures and spices in an airtight container after receipt. I prefer jars with screw lids because they are easy to clean. (5 min in bubbling boiling water and they are sterile). Store them in a dry, cold, and dark place.

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