Habanero Chile
Habanero Chile Powder - Capsicum Chinese

Habanero Chili powder extra hot

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  • Description

  • Habanero chili powder has more than 100,000 scoville
  • one of the hottest chillies in the world
  • refines all dishes

Origin of Habanero

Chille pods generally come from Mexico and were discovered by Christopher Columbus in his search for pepper. He brought the chili peppers to Europe. They belong to the nightshade family and there are more than 150 varieties.

But the Habanero chili variety has a debate about its origin. Some believe it comes from the Amazon region and others see it as originating from Cuba - the Yucatan Peninsula. Here her name is derived from the capital Habana.


The Habanero Chili is one of the hottest and most intense strains they will encounter. It comes from the plant Capsicum chinese and it is relatively small, round and thin-walled pods. They are up to 5 cm long and 3 cm wide. They resemble peppers, but burn like fire.

The Habanero plant grows to about 100 cm tall and has white flowers. The pungency of pods depends on the climate and on the maturity duration. Their color ranges from green (immature), orange yellow, red to black (ripe).

aroma profile

This chili is extremely spicy and delicious. Although there are new varieties that are even sharper, but let's face it, only very few can stand it. The Habanero also has a delicate fruity aroma, which distinguishes it from other varieties.

Culinary use

Habanero chile can be used in any dish. You should use it sparingly at the beginning and familiarize yourself with its sharpness. It's very quick to spice up your dish with our habanero.

It is ideal for making homemade salsas and BBQ sauces. Try it in a chili con carne or in a marinade for chicken wings.


Please refill all your spices into jars with screw cap. These should be placed in boiling water for 5 minutes to be sterile. Store all your spice jars protected from the sun (dark), dry and cool (15 ° C).


Please be careful when handling the Habanero powder and store it away from children. It is very sharp.

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