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Tomato powder dehydrated a handyman in every kitchen.

The Orlandosidee tomato powder is the most loved vegetable powder in the world.

The dehydrated tomato powder is a convenient format for sauces, gravies, smoothies, juices. It flavors, refines, and colors naturally pasta and bread doughs just like our spinach powder and beetroot powder.

100% natural dehydrated tomato flour

Our tomato powder has an intense and fruity flavor, a condiment that should never be missing in the kitchen. Our powder is finely ground, made from 100% selected tomatoes. The powder is made only from the ripest, beautiful, and intensely flavored tomatoes. This excellent powder is ideal for preparing your soups, sauces, or smoothies. This powder, very similar to flour inconsistency, is made without adding color preservatives or artificial flavors. This natural product is also highly suitable for vegan or vegetarian cuisine.

What is this powder used and added for?

The powder has infinite uses, from the most common in sauces to restrict, flavor, speed up cooking as for a sauce, and the famous tomato soup much loved on all continents. It is sufficient to mix 20 g of powder with 250 ml of cold water for this dish. Then bring to a boil for 8 min, stirring constantly. With this general rule, a bright red soup of medium density is obtained.

Also and last but not least, add it to smoothies. In recent years we find it more and more often in both winter and summer Smoothies.

The ground tomato powder is found in a very detoxifying smoothie. The tomato flour is added with ginger, garlic powder, and turmeric. Powdered spices that you will find conveniently in our spice shop.

Traditional use in the kitchen

Among the most common uses, we find it used for coloring pastes. Pasta is generally colored with spinach powder and red beetroot powder. This tomato flour allows an easy and very rapid coloring of the dough by adding it at processing time.

You may even use it in doughs for bread, breadsticks, and more. Here too, the processing is simple, easy, and practical.

What is tomato powder made from?

The product is obtained from pure tomato concentrate, dried by eliminating the constituted water with different mechanical procedures. All this down to a dry residue subsequently brought to the "stove" in industrial jargon, with a rate of not less than 96%.

On the other hand, a different procedure is offered with the flour grinding of the tomato flake previously dried in ovens.

The drying of the concentrate takes place with a system called spray, which consists of sending the atomized raw material to the highest part of a tower (ordinarily cylindrical). An ascending current of air collides in the path with the product that falls by gravity to the bottom, arriving already dehydrated.

This particular processing process allows dehydration at low temperatures while maintaining the organoleptic qualities unaltered. This powder is used as a food ingredient to produce dry mixes and for soups in bags.

ho are the major producers and consumers of tomatoes in the world?

  • More than 177,000,000 tons of tomatoes are produced in the world per year.
  • China is the largest tomato producer in the world, with 56,423,811 tons of production volume per year.
  • India is in second place with 18,399,000 tons of annual production.
  • America ranks third with 13,040,000 tons of production.
  • Turkey is in fourth place with approximately 12,600,000 tons of production.
  • Egypt ranks 5th with approximately 8,000,000 tons of production.
  • Italy is ranked 6 with 6,437,572.

Italy is the largest tomato consumer globally compared to the production then resold by the companies operating in the sector. Therefore, we can safely say that the tomato is one of the leading food products of our food industry.

How to keep tomato powder?

Being a product with a particularly sensitive consistency to humidity (The product is very hygroscopic), we recommend inserting it in containers with a sealing cap once the powder is received. Always keep it away from direct sunlight. Make sure that the tap is permanently closed tightly after use.

If well maintained, the product will maintain its organoleptic characteristics from the moment of purchase for many months.

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