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Crystal Salt with herbs - Salt diamonds from Pakistan

Crystal Salt with herbs is a coarse pink rock salt from Pakistan mixed with our unique wild herb mixture. The Himalayan style salt with aromatic herbs also has an average size of 2 - 4 mm.

What are the wild herbs made of?

We mix the rock salt with our combination of wild herbs. This mixture underlines the distinctive properties of thyme and the freshness of basil. Furthermore, it tastes elegant, resinous, bitter, of rosemary, and oregano with the freshness of mint and the liveliness of sage. We additionally crown this aroma with marjoram, and it is a symphony of unique fragrances. This mixture is, therefore, ideal for use in traditional and vegan cuisine.

Why do we make Crystal salt with aromatic herbs?

The secret of the Himalayan-style salt diamonds is their softness. Its mild flavor is the only, but significant difference from ordinary salts. A softness in taste that makes the dishes much more velvety in taste.

Culinary use of salt diamonds with wild herbs

This salt gives your dishes a new taste. It is not only suitable for vegans or vegetarian dishes, but also meat and fish. This excellent herbal salt mixture also conjures up summer moments in winter on your plate. This mixture is ideal for roasted chicken and grilled vegetables, even on rough days, from November to the end of January.

There are no limits to the imagination in the kitchen. You can still add pepper. Mix black, red, and green pepper with a small bay leaf to get an even more crucial taste.

You may use Himalayan style salt with herbs like any other salt and place it in a grinder to use as table salt. You can add it unground to the cooking water of rice, pasta, and soups.

Preservation method

There are no special notes in this regard. Like all spices, you should fill the salt in spice jars. I prefer jars with screw top closures. Ideal storage is cold, dark, and in a dry atmosphere.

Ingredients: Pakistani salt diamonds, thyme, basil, rosemary, oregano, mint, sage, and marjoram.

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