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Orlandosidee Pepper Story - How everything started

Carola and Stefano Berardi met in Berlin and moved together to Abidjan Ivory Coast. Here the Berardi Family owns a Construction company. Due to the ongoing civil war in the Ivory Coast the Berardis took the chance and set up another Construction Company in Cameron Douala.

A little later in Cameron they bought land close to the Mount Camerun. The  valley lies in the delta of the Mount Cameron. This land is very fruitful due to volcanic soil. Here they started jet another adventure: Growing Pepper. This Pepper is the best pepper of the word according to Germanys Michelin chefs. The Orlandosidee Pepper has a unique long-lasting warm aromatic taste.

Black, white and green Pepper are from the same plant.The green pepper is picked before it reaches maturity and directly flown to France where it is shock dried to preserve ist full flavor. This pepper is used best to prepare green pepper sauces and desserts. Just give the dried Pepper grains in liquid and they return to their normal form.

The black pepper is picked when it reaches maturity and dried directly under the sun Cameroon’s. Ist naturally green shell turns black and sprinkles. The black pepper is best used in long cooking meats. The piperin gives a nice woody taste to the meals.

The white Orlandosidee Pepper has the most flavor. He is picked when the berries are fully ripe and washes over the following days in natural spring water to free it of it outer shell. The heart of the pepper will be dried directly under the sun Cameroon’s and selected by the hands of the village women. Only the biggest and most perfect corns will be selected for this product.

In the Year 2004 Stefano and Carola Berardi returned to Germany and left the Plantation under Family supervision and started to establish a distribution network for the Orlandosidee pepper. Orlandosidee was born.

The contacts to other growers, especially to friends in Madagascar Orlandosidee started right from the beginning to market Fleur de Sel, Vanilla as well as other special Spices along with the Pepper from Cameroon.

Today Orlandosidee markets a wide range of really special spices (that you cannot find in a supermarket), variety of Gourmet Salt from around the world as well as Vanilla beans from Madagascar, Tahiti, Papua New Guinea and so on.

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Pepper Mix Orlandosidee® - white, green & black Peppercorns

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