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Mustard powder, ground mustard

Mustard powder is ideal for adding a delicate flavor to sauces, salad dressings, and marinades. The spice powder, made from light mustard seeds, has a strong aromatic & spicy taste of mustard with a slightly spicy note.

What is mustard?

Mustard is a spice that only develops its sharp aroma after it has been ground. There are black, brown, and white types of mustard.
The mustard plant belongs to the cruciferous family. It originated in southern Europe and grows nowadays in Japan, India, Europe, Australia, and North and South America.

The mustard plant and the harvest of the seeds

The mustard plant has a height of up to 60 cm. Its stiff-haired and pinnate leaves can recognize it. It also has small yellow four-petalled flowers and pods, from which the mustard seeds develop.

The harvest occurs shortly before the pod's burst to not lose the crop due to the seeds falling out. Then they are dried and then threshed.

White mustard has the following names: Sinapis alba, mustard seeds, mustard seeds, or garden mustard and belongs to the cruciferous family.

How does mustard powder taste?

Mustard powder, made from ground white mustard seeds, is aromatic, spicy, and hot in taste. Buy here online our spices and try them out yourself.

Culinary uses of mustard powder

Mustard powder gives your dishes that unique nose-tickling spiciness that otherwise only horseradish and wasabi can produce. Therefore mix ground mustard with vinegar, sugar, and salt for a mustard paste to spread on roulades or meatballs as a delicate seasoning.

Did you know that mustard is a meat tenderizer?

For this reason, the spice is also suitable for making grill spice mixes and marinades. Barbecue sauces are also made with it, which you may use to season grilled meat or root vegetables.
In other countries, such as Bangladesh, this spice powder flavors spice pastes. These they use to flavor curry or mustard sauces.

How do I mix mustard powder, and what should I pay attention to?

You can mix the mustard powder with different liquids for the mustard. If you combine the spice powder with water, you get hot mustard; with vinegar, you get a mild taste with wine, a spicy heat, and beer a delicate piquant version.
Do it like the French and mix your creations with herbs like tarragon or, like an American, add turmeric for a more agreeable and rich yellow color. Be creative and have fun with your favorite spices.

What do I use ready-made mustard for?

Ready-made mustard you use mainly for meat dishes such as roast beef, ham, sausages, or meat stews. They are also often used to mix sauces such as vinaigrette and mayonnaise.

Which spices go well with ground mustard?

Mustard goes well with other herbs. They harmonize with bay leaves, cloves, onions, fenugreek, chili, dill, fennel, tarragon, coriander, caraway, turmeric, parsley, black cumin - Nigella, pepper, allspice, and garlic. They also enhance the aroma of herbs.
For this reason, there is now a large selection and different types of mustard.

Storage of spices

Please put all products purchased from us in a spice container of your choice. I use jars with screw cap closures. Easy to clean and durable. Always store your spice jars in a cool, dry, and dark place.

A detailed description of the spice you find here under mustard seeds.
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