Green pepper

Green pepper is the immature pepper which is either inlaid, air dried or shock dried. The green pepper is used very much in the Thai cuisine. It is suitable for the preparation of sweets, duck, cream sauces, wild game and green pepper sauce.

White pepper

White pepper is ripened at full ripening time and soaked in running water for several days. The outer shell dissolves, leaving behind the white heart of the peppercorn, the white pepper.

Black pepper

Black pepper is picked at full ripe and dried under the sun, whereby its casing turns black and wrinkled. These grains have a very special, earthy - aromatic scent, which is very appreciated, and a spicy - aromatic flavor. Pepper emphasizes the taste of other ingredients. They are generally added as whole grains to the food from the beginning. Also try some pepper on fruit. For example, they put some pepper on pineapple and fry them in butter and flambé them with some rum.


Pepper knows everyone, it is with salt the most famous and popular spice around the world today. Due to its characteristic to make food longer durable, it became one of the most popular spices in the world. Pepper does not give quite so fresh meat a spicy taste which was very important a long time ago.

In the time of the Roman Empire, spices were brought to Europe only by trade routes. The trade with spices and especially pepper was in the hands of Arab dealer. In the 15th century the prices of pepper and other spices rose to astronomical heights. Pepper was already more valuable than gold.

For the Europeans, it was necessary to find a sea route to get to the precious pepper and the other spices. Spain and Portugal were at this time the most powerful seafaring nations, and so the Spaniards Columbus and the Portuguese Vasco da Gama sent a sea route to India to buy pepper.