Panch Phoron - Bengal Five Spice

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Panch Phoron spice mixture -Buy Panch Phoron- Bengal Five Spice in our  On line Shop

Bengal Five Spice Blend (North Indian Spice Blend) - Buy Spice Blends on line.

The Bengali cuisine has a characteristic aroma that corresponds to the spice mixture Panch Phoron. This traditional spice blend from northern India, consisting of aromatic spices such as brown mustard seeds, black cumin, fennel, cumin and fenugreek.

It is one of the most used spice blends of northern India especially in the local cuisines such as the Bengali, Oriya and Assamese cuisine. It is also traded under the name Indian 5 spice blend.

Culinary use

This mild-spicy spice mixture is ideal for seasoning bread dough, lentils, vegetables, chicken and fish. It goes very well with beans.


Cumin, mustard seeds, black cumin, fenugreek, fennel, parsnips.

Allergens: May contain traces of celery and mustard


Please refill all purchased spices and mixtures in airtight containers. Personally, I prefer spice jars because they are best cleaned. Cans look pretty but usually start to rust due to the moisture in the kitchen and do not seal airtight. Spices should be stored away from light, dry and cool (15 ° C).

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