Murray River Sea Salt Flakes

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Murray River Sea Salt - Buy Gourmet Salt Flakes from Australia

  • Murray River Sea Salt are delicate pink salt flakes
  • mild aroma
  • delicate melting taste experience

What makes Murray River Sea Salt special?

Murray River Sea Salt flakes are apricot to pink-colored and come from Australia. They have a delicate aroma and a pleasantly crispy consistency. This salt melts on your tongue and thus gives an aromatic and sensory experience when eating your food. It is ideal as table salt, for roasting and baking, because the salt flakes melt very quickly they evenly distribute themselves. Personally, however, I mainly use it as table salt. My guests are always fascinated by the tiny bowls with various salts. Not only from the extraordinary savor varieties of these salts but also from their different colors.

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Origin of the salt

The Murray River is the largest in Australia. It gets its water from the Australian Alps of a mountain range in the hinterland of Southeast Australia.

Due to the low rainfall, the strong sun, a lot of water evaporates, and the salt concentration in the Murray-Darling-River basin rises, which intensifies the groundwater with salt.

The production of Murray River Sea Salt occurs therefore naturally, in the underground water basins . Afterward, they pump it into the above-ground water gardens with their pump systems, where under the sun, the water evaporates, and the salt remains. The resistant algae secret the red color pigments carotenes from where the Murray River Salt receives its delicate color. The production in the water gardens is similar to the Fleur de Sel production.

It is a natural product without chemical additives and recommendable.


Please fill a your spices and Sea Salts in spice glases. Store them in cold, dark and dry place.

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