Bakumba berries, Cameroon

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Bakumba berries are from Cameroon, buy your herbs and spices here on-line.

The Bakumba berries - Zanthoxylum Zanthoxyloides - have a brown color and have a scent of oranges. The Bakumba berries grow wild in the western Highlands of Cameroon

In Cameroon the berries are traditionally used to flavor grilled chicken. The grilled chicken is served with rice and vegetables. The fruity aroma of the Bakumba berries flavors also perfectly  fish.
These berries are the fruits of a rhododendron (lat. Rutaceae) of the genus Zanthoxylum. Zanthoxylum is translated as yellow wood because its wood is yellow. In addition, this yellow wood is used for dyeing. Most plants of this genus are, however, called Sichuan peppers. For this reason, the Bakumba berries look very similar to the Sichuan pepper, they belong to the same plant family.

The Bakumba berries can be found in the upper reaches of western Cameroon. They grow wild and are not yet cultivated. The natives of Cameroon have been using them for generations to cook.

Bakumba berries - the look

The Bakumba berries are brown. There are broken berries with a rough surface. They were dried.

The aroma of these berries

The aroma of the Bakumba berries is best described as tingling. They exude a smell of orange - lemon and grapefruit, leaving a tingling sensation on the tongue.

Culinary uses

Bakumba berries can be used versatile in the kitchen. In Cameroon, they are traditionally used to season barbecue chicken. This grill chicken is also served with rice and vegetables (such as a cooking banana). The fruity and sparkling aroma of the Bakumba berries also refines delicate fish. For example, you can grill a spicy Dorade cooked with Bakumba berries.

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