Passion Berries, Ethiopia

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Passion Berries are spicy and have a perfume of passion fruit. Buy them on line in our Spice Shop

The passion berries are the berries of a shrub of the plants family of Ruta Chalepensis. They are also called the fringed rhombus.

In Africa, the Passion berry has been used as a medicinal and spice plant for over generations.

The look of passion berries

The look of passion berries can best be described as follows: they are capsule fruits. Their color is yellow-green-brownish. They are four-leaved, dried, buds that are open in the middle, with a size of about 5 mm.

The aroma of passion berries

Passion berries have a fruity aroma. Its fragrance is reminiscent of the & nbsp; Passions fruit. Its flavor is spicy and goes well with fried fish, vegetables and cream sauces for poultry dishes.

Passion berries: culinary

Passion berries can be used culinary varied. They refine vegetarian dishes as well as meat and fish dishes. Because of its intensity, it should be used rather sparingly.

Refine with Passion berries for example;

  • Meat - wild or lamb
  • fish - & nbsp; Monkfish or perch
  • Salads
  • Eggs
  • pastries

& nbsp;

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