Fennel powder, ground fennel spice

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  • Description

  • Fennel seeds for baking bread
  • Vegetables, cucumbers, tomatoes, and lamb dishes
  • Fish, seafood

Buy fennel powder - flavor profile.

Our fennel powder has a warm-sweet scent and a wonderful, pleasant anise-like aroma. This ground fennel refines fish, lamb, and pork with its taste and vegetables and biscuits. You can also find this spice in spice mixtures such as Garam Masala, Wok, Curry Madras, Colombo, lamb tajine, or Ras el Hanout. The Foeniculum vulgare is also called bread spice, fenicle, or Fenni.

A culinary world tour with fennel powder

Ground fennel is a spice and has a mildly spicy-sweet aroma with a warm, sweet fragrance.

Fennel powder is nowadays valued and used as a spice all over the world. In Iraq, they know that its aroma unfolds in connection with flour. For this reason, they use this spice for baking bread. Often in combination with nigella (black cumin). In Italy, they use fennel seeds and rosemary to season the famous roast suckling pig porchetta. Or the famous Finocchiona, which is the Florentine salami. In India, they use it to make traditional spice blends such as curry and garam masala. These, in turn, refine sauces, vegetables, or lamb dishes. In China, they use this spice powder as the main ingredient in the five-spice mixture for meat and poultry dishes.

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