Nutmeg and Macis

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Nutmeg and flower (Macis) Buy here in Europe's Spice Shop

Ceylon is known as the country of origin of the best nutmeg and cinnamon of the earth. The nutmeg is used in many different dishes. However, the nutmeg is essential for the preparation of the popular Béchamel sauce. The muscat blossom also called macis blossom has an exceptionally strong but fragrant, incense-like scent. It is the dried seed coat of the nutmeg tree and not the flower as one might suppose. Its taste is similar to that of the nutmeg but much more flowery and finer.

Nutmeg refines gingerbread, mashed potatoes, gratins, spinach, cheese dishes and much more.

It is to be noted that the muscat blossom (Macis) has a very intense aroma and therefore you should take out the flowers used in the cooking before serving. In general, however, they are used in the ground state.

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