Nutmeg and Macis one plant two spices

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Nutmeg with mace is available in a variety of dishes today. The Aril exudes a more abundant fragrance and brings a pleasant subtle note compared to the nutmeg.

Nutmeg & Mace - Ceylon

Ceylon is the country of origin of the best muscat (Myristica fragrans) and cinnamon on earth. Today we use nutmeg in many different dishes. However, nutmeg is essential for the preparation of the famous Béchamel sauce.

Our spice combination is a pleasant and modern way to buy two spices in one.

For those who want to see and try the differences of the same spice without buying the two products separately, we recommend this combined solution. The mixture consists of about 10% mace flower and the rest of nutmeg.

What does the nutmeg & mace taste like?

The mace also has a powerful, incense-like fragrance. It is the dried seed coat of the nutmeg and not the flower, as one might assume. Their taste is similar to that of nutmeg but much more floral and delicate. It refines both hearty and sweet dishes. The color of the flower, when it is still on the plant and wrapped around the nut, is a beautiful bright red. After removing the fruit from the plant, it takes on a beautiful yellow color over the weeks. Many know the traditional liqueur from northeastern Italy, the famous Nocino, but not everyone knows that one of the spices used in the preparation is Macis.

Culinary use

Nutmeg, among other things, refines gingerbread, mashed potatoes, gratins, spinach, cheese dishes, and much more.

Please note that the mace (Macis) has a very intense aroma, so remove it before serving. Remove it as it has an awful taste when chewed involuntarily. It would change the original flavors that are said to impress the dish. Generally, however, they are used in the ground state.

Storage of nutmeg & mace

The nutmeg does not need special attention, except that it should not be kept in a damp environment. However, the Aril should be stored in the dark. It is to prevent the sun's rays from fading the pigmentation. And so as not to lose their beautiful light orange color.

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