Caraway ground - Sauerkraut spice

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  • Description

  • Caraway powder, warm-sweet & peppery scent
  • reminiscent of eucalyptus, anise, and fennel
  • for Sauerkraut - White cabbage, potato, cheese

Caraway ground - caraway seeds ground use in the kitchen

Caraway ground has a slightly bitter, warm, and sweet taste, not only completes a chili con carne. Also, it tastes excellent in sauerkraut or on a mutton roast. Furthermore, you can sprinkle the cumin powder on an orange salad. You will see that the aroma fits well with lots of fruits. This spice flavors bread and salt pastries.

In general, you can season with cumin powder much better than with whole seeds, at least for those connoisseurs who, like me, do not like to chew seeds on the cumin. The cumin powder is also much better divided into the food and can be used well in soup dips & salsas.

What does the cumin plant look like?

The cumin plant is a perennial plant that resembles parsley in appearance. In any case, its leaves are similar, and it grows up to 1 meter high. It produces white-yellow to reddish flowers that grow in umbels. The fruits are so-called partial fission fruits because they divide into two seeds. These seeds are the cumin spice, and they have a curved, crescent-like shape. Their color is dark brown, and they have five notches.


The Stone Age uses Caraway for seasoning. From, that time remains of it were found in pile buildings. It seemed to be a popular spice, and there is the following old proverb about the cumin. "With cumin bread and cumin-bread-stick, the most stupid of all Boys thrive."

Good to know about cumin powder

Caraway tastes well with  hot paprika powder, black pepper, white pepper, chilies, and basil. Here in the Spices Shop, buy conveniently online in the required packaging size.

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