Parsnip ground - Pastinaca sativa

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What is Parsnip?

The parsnip or the Pastinaca sativa is a plant species of the umbellifer family. It is a sweetish spicy vegetable. Parsnip is the vegetable of the year 2011-2012.

Parsnip, the botanical name is Pastinaca sativa, is a well-known and very digestible winter vegetable. However, she stepped into the background after the potato arrived with us. Now she's back in fashion, and rightly so, she was even vegetables of 2011-2012. It is also a spicy root vegetable such as carrots, turnips, or topinambur.

What does Parsnip taste like?

The flavor of parsnip is sweet-spicy to tart. It is comparable to the aroma of carrots and parsley root, only milder. Due to its mild taste and low nitrate content, they use the vegetable to make baby food.

Preparation of Pastinaca sativa

The Pastinaca sativa is variable like the potato. You can cook or bake it as vegetables, with its soups, stews, tampon sands, gratin, as a supplement for fish and meat.

Culinary use of this vegetable powder

The vegetable powder is ideal for mixing in soups & sauces. Combining it with hot milk, it makes an aromatic parsnip puree or bake cake with it.

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