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What is Vadouvan spice?

Vadouvan spice is an exceptional French spice specialty, created according to a recipe from a star chef in France. Here you can buy these and other delicate spice blends online.

The French Chef created Vadouvan after a south-east Indian spice specialty. Its called Vadagam, vadavam, or vadakam by French gourmets in the Puducherry region (formerly Pondicherry). Today everyone is talking about it, and it is a very well-known spice mix among gourmets and hobby chefs.

Production of the Vadouvan Spice mix

The production of Vadouvan is complicated and time-consuming because the entire mixture must ferment for a long time and then dry again before it can be sold.

What is the spice specialty made of?

Our Vadouvan is delicately seasoned and composed of onions, garlic, black soybeans, mustard, fenugreek, cumin, fennel, turmeric, curry leaves, sesame oil, coconut oil, salt, and asafoetida.

Culinary use

The star gastronomy often uses this aromatic spice mixture in Vadouvan spices rice, stews, and pasta dishes. It gives these plates its unique taste. You may even flavor soups like potato soup or Hokkaido soup, and you will be amazed by this unique aroma.

You can get an extraordinary culinary experience by marinating your steak with Vadouvan for a few hours before grilling.

Another highlight is Vadouvan in sauces for roast pork or goose. This mixture of spices makes the taste round and balanced. Try it yourself.

Storage of Herbs & Spices

Please fill your spice mixtures and spices into airtight containers. Store them in a dark, dry, and cold place.

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