Anatto Seeds - Bixa orellana

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  • Description

  • Anatto for seasoning and coloring food
  • Peppery aroma, similar to nutmeg
  • For soups and rice dishes

Anatto Bixa orellana

Anatto Spice from the Caribbean

Anatto spice from the Caribbean. These are the seeds of the Anatto tree from tropical South America and the Caribbean.

The Mayans used them not only for seasoning and coloring food but also for coloring clothing and the body.

The spice is triangular. They are red seeds with a wonderful peppery aroma. Their taste is similar to nutmeg.

Culinary Use of Anatto Spice from the Caribbean

These seeds should be soaked in hot water and then ground. They are mainly used for coloring dishes such as soups and rice dishes.

In terms of taste, they fit where nutmeg blends well, with its additional effect being its coloring. When you slowly roast these seeds in oil, their golden color turns orange. This delicate oil, now orange, is suitable for flavoring dishes such as salads or poultry.

Try Anatto yourself in rice or mashed potatoes. First, soak the Anatto seeds in hot water and then grind them. Or as already mentioned, make your own Anatto oil by roasting the seeds in olive oil in a pan and using this wonderful orange-colored oil on your salads or a good roast chicken.

Seed Storage

Please store the seeds, as well as all other spices, protected from direct sunlight, cool, and dry. The best temperature is 15°C. It is best to store them in an airtight container. Ideally in a glass jar with a screw cap. It can be easily sterilized before each new use. Boil it in water for 5 minutes and dry it upside down. And the glass will be ready for its new spice.

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