Anatto - Bixa orellana - Caribbean

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Anatto - Caribbean - Bixa orellana

The Anatto spice has its origin in the tropics of South America. They are the seeds of the Anatto tree. The ancient Mayans took advantage of the Anatto seeds as a spice and for coloring their bodies and their clothes.
The anatto seeds are red, triangular, and small, with a peppery aroma and a flavor similar to nutmeg. You can buy them here in our shop for Herbs and Spices. 


Culinary use of Anatto:
Anatto seeds are soaked in hot water and then ground. The spice is mainly used for dyeing food such as soups and rice dishes.
If the seeds are roasted in oil at low heat, this oil is colored deep gold / orange and you can drip it over food like salads or poultry.

You can use the seeds in any dish where you would have used nutmeg, the additional effect is its coloring. 

When you soak Anatto seeds in hot water, after a while, you can grind them and mix them with other spices from your own spice blend.

Try them in rice or mashed potatoes.

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