Cane Sugar with Bourbon Vanilla

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Cane Sugar with Bourbon Vanilla - Shop here online Orlandosidee® Europe's Spices

Raw raw sugar with natural vanilla from Orlandosidee®, has a fine aroma of caramel, blended with the delicious warmth of the unmistakable genuine, natural vanilla. This mixture is perfect for all hot drinks, but especially for tea, cappuccino or milk. It is also suitable for the production of baked goods and desserts or for cocktails. You can use it to refine cream, eggnog, pulp, and all fruit desserts.

Raw cane sugar is being extracted from the sugar cane - Saccarum officinarum. Sugar cane itself is a tropical herb (Poaceae) and comes from East Asia. Its size reaches a height of about 3-6 meters and develops a diameter of about 2-4.5 cm. Three types of sugar are made from sugarcane.