Bourbon Vanilla Cane Sugar

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Vanilla Cane Sugar - Buy Online Flavored Sugar with real Vanilla

Vanilla cane sugar naturally flavored with real vanilla powder has a refined caramel flavor. All deliciously blended with a warm, spicy, and inimitable taste of real natural Bourbon Vanilla. It is suitable for all hot drinks but especially for tea. Excellent with a cappuccino or with milk. It is particularly recommended for the production of baked goods and in desserts, but also for cocktails and ideal for panna cotta, zabaione with fruit pulp, and all fruit desserts.

Vanilla sugar cane

Vanilla sugar cane is the sucrose produced by sugar cane - Saccharum officinarum. Sugar cane itself is a tropical herb (Poaceae) and originates in East Asia. The barrel reaches a height of about 3-6 meters and develops a diameter of about 2-4.5 cm.

There are three types of sugar produced from sugar cane. 

1. White sugar (more than once refined)

2.Light brown sugar, which is a raw cane seed (refined with low molasses base)

3. Whole brown sugar is not refined and left naturally; the intensity of the molasses is very high. Therefore with the typical caramelized flavor, the energy value varies from 275 Kcal to 350 Kcal, compared to 395 kcal of common white sucrose; it depends on the crops, the soil, and the climatic conditions during the breeding season.

Botanical information on sugar cane

The plant is not very demanding in cultivation; it thrives at temperatures between 25 and 30 ° C and requires much water. But the roots are not suitable for staying in stagnant water, so many crops are grown in the hills. It allows the water to flow out naturally, and the plant does not risk rotting. Coldly speaking, cold influences growth, when the temperature drops, the plant does not grow, until it stops completely when the outside temperature reaches 15 degrees. Sugar cane grows.

Today the most abundant sugar cane producer is Brazil; India follows Australia and South Africa. Sugar production is pervasive and requires much work.

Curiosity about brown sugar, if you travel to these tropical countries, and feel a characteristic sweetish smell on the street, look around, for sure you are near a sugar cane squeezer at work, and surely you can buy sweet juice for you a few cents.

In Europe, sugar cane was grown in Spain, today there are small plantations in the area between Malaga and Motril in Andalusia, also in Sicily near the Catania plain, but also in Cyprus and Malta.

Rich in glycolic acid, cane sugar is generally an ally for the skin, as it is a natural exfoliant and antiseptic. Moreover, the whole cane one does not influence the formation of caries.


Sugar cane contains around 10-20% sucrose. After harvesting the sugar cane, it is freed from the leaves and finely chopped. The next manufacturing process entails taking the finely chopped pieces of sugar cane and pressing them with a couple of very heavy rollers to extract the juice completely, until exhaustion. This sweet juice is then filtered, thickened, processed by crystallization, and refining. Raw cane sugar still contains an essential part of molasses.

For correct storage of Vanilla Sugar

Sugar, like all spices, should be stored in an airtight container in a cool, dry place. We suggest glass packs with sealing screw closure. They are ecological containers that are easy to clean and reusable. If well preserved as sugar as salt, it maintains its fundamental characteristics for years.

Ingredients: 100% raw cane sugar - Natural vanilla powder